Relaunch, rename, renew

Finally — Creative Logic 4.0 has launched. This site is essentially the 4th major new look we’ve done. And this launch coincides with the biggest changes in our history. Creative Logic has a new official name, Creative Logic Tech Solutions. That is one of many changes…

Coinciding with this launch, we have finally fully updated our logo everywhere.

Additionally, we have changed the home base for operations. Creative Logic Tech Solutions is now located in the sunniest and windiest (inhabited) continent on the planet -- Australia.

So what do all these changes mean? Some things are changing very little. We continue to work with clients around the globe, just sometimes at strange hours. But in this connected, digital society we now live in, it’s been seamless operating in an entirely different time zone.

Regarding the bigger change, our name. It was time to update the name because along with continuing to build rock solid websites, we are expanding our range of services. Our focus has expanded to delivering solutions for you through technology. So what does that mean? Well it could mean a lot of things, and that’s exactly what we like about it, keeping many options open for both ourselves and our clients. But some examples for you, this could mean things like progressive web apps, native software solutions, advanced app-like functionality on your existing website, and so on.

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