Want to be an Invoice Ninja?

Over the past decade I've had experience with a number of different invoicing / time tracking / accounting services. I'm excited to say I have finally found one I'm fully prepared to recommend -- Invoice Ninja. If you want to try out Invoice Ninja right now...
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Lando on WSL2

I think Lando is amazing. A big thank you to all those involved in creating it and thereby making container based development significantly easier. It's amazing how much of a change it makes compared to using Docker on it's own, especially if you want to do...
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Moving Back to WP

First, a bit of history. I've been a long time WP developer. After initially starting out with a Joomla 😱 site around 2008, I've primarily built everything for myself and my clients in WordPress. That I think makes me a long time supporter and believer in WP,...
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Backup Hack for WSL

Have you ever wanted to backup files / folders in your WSL2 instance, but your Windows system backup software can't see your WSL files? That's what I encountered and here's my work around (hack) for it… It's true that instead of what I suggest below you can...
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