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Moving Back to WP

First, a bit of history. I've been a long time WP developer. After initially starting out with a Joomla 😱 site around 2008, I've primarily built everything for myself and my clients in WordPress. That I think makes me a long time supporter and believer in WP,...
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Leaping into Grav

We've taken the plunge! The Creative Logic Tech Solution website is now fully powered by Grav! We've taken our current site powered by WordPress and fully rebuilt using Grav CMS. Not only that, we also tweaked and improved both the design and functionality a...
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Relaunch, rename, renew

Finally — Creative Logic 4.0 has launched. This site is essentially the 4th major new look we’ve done. And this launch coincides with the biggest changes in our history. Creative Logic has a new official name, Creative Logic Tech Solutions. That is one of ma...
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