Our Mission

We want to help you! Helping your business succeed is the core foundation of what we do. Sometimes this means just some simple tips or recommending other solutions that might actually be better. However, if there is any way we can help you, we are ready, willing and here to help!

Life buoy

We believe what separates us from many other companies is that we sweat the small stuff for you. Why? Because all these small details added together make a big difference. We believe it's the difference between a good result and a great result.

Who We Are

Creative Logic Tech Solutions is my company. I am Trevor Robertson, a freelance developer with a passion for helping people achieve the best possible solution. I’ve been coding for over two decades and Creative Logic has been around since 2009.

Creative Trev

However, when working with Creative Logic you also have the power of a network of other passionate and dedicated freelance developers and designers. This means you receive the level of expertise found in larger companies, but with the personal touch, high level of service, and cost effectiveness of working with a freelancer.

Our Partners

DECK Presentations

Presentation designers, coaches & writers who take your presentation from boring to breathtaking.

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DECK Presentations

Full-service virtual creative studio specializing in branding (logos, naming, stationery), websites, print collateral, and content strategy.

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Websites with WordPress, website audits, and overall just a great person to work with.

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Upper Notch

Design. Copy. UX/UI expertise. Upper Notch is our go to for these skills.


Floats are bad...Except when they aren't

Yes, the waters are bit muddy on this one. For years, web developers pretty much used float for EVERYTHING. Well, for everything layout that is. Sure, you started to see some inline-block creeping in, nevertheless, floats dominated for a long long time. But recently the proper CSS tools an...

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