Photo Editors – Free Style

Software piracy is never a good idea. I remember when computer games basically couldn’t be copied and life went on quite well. In fact, when the rules changed so that copy protection didn’t exist anymore computer game prices doubled! It is true that some companies charge exorbitant prices for their products and in those cases I agree it might tempted one to find an illegal copy of the software.

But now more than ever there is an alternative to ripping off software. The Open Source world is huge and I bet there is a free piece of software out there that does what you want and is perfectly legal for you to download. A great example is Photoshop is hugely expensive and frankly not very easy to use because for most cases it does more than what you need. So why not use something that is free, is amazingly easy to use, and is developed by people who use it!?

Do you need more graphic editing power? Well there is an open source solution for that too: The GIMP. Horribly named product, but GIMP has basically all the power of Photoshop, and like all Open Source is totally free. Admittedly it is a bit awkward to use at first, but that too is changing and in next few months a new version with an improved UI is coming out. One thing to add–while this software is free, if you do love it, use it a lot, and can spare the cash, most projects have an easy donation system. So if you can donate it truly is appreciated as most people working on Open Source projects are doing so on their own time so donations really help the development of the software. Enjoy!