Make Some Noise (or Music)

FL Studio 10If you are music junky then I have good news for you… FL Studio 10 has been launched!

FL Studio is an powerful piece of music production, recording, editing software that comes at a great price. And the price is even better when you consider that you get free upgrades…for life! I’m already into my third upgrade of the software since I purchased it a couple of years ago.

So whether you’ve been interested in making music, have played around with music production before (with something LOW powered like Voice Recorder in Windows!!), or are seriously into music I would recommend giving this software a try.

Don’t get overwhelmed by all the options you see at first. There are some great online tutorials and you can try the full software package for free for as long as you want (you just can’t save your work until you buy it). I’ve always been more of a manual reader myself and in this case it is probably one time where most people actually do need to do a few tutorials to learn the basics but it is well worth it. Music is a window to the soul, so open the shudders and see what kind of music is inside you!