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Windows users you can now have your Linux cake and eat it too. Wait, does that even make sense? Well, what matters is this….. With the oddly named feature — Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) you can now simply run Linux on your Windows machine. This is huge news. Huge. News. This is one big thing that I think caused a lot of devs to use Mac’s. However, now with WSL, Windows has all the Linux power that Mac has. Best of all, with the most recent update of Windows (Oct 2017), you can nicely contain your Linux install as a Windows app (ie. Ubuntu is an app). I won’t detail how to install and… Read more »

Warning: this is definitely a strong opinion piece. Okay, let’s just get this right out of the way. Over the past two plus years I’ve become increasingly frustrated and disappointed with Adobe Photoshop. Okay, if I’m really honest and remembering the past correctly I was never a big fan. I actually used Gimp when I first started building websites, being a big fan of open source software. However, even though Gimp was a good application, and really continued to get better, it was never a very good way to open PSDs. So eventually I caved and entered the Photoshop world so I could better open the files I received from clients and accurately reproduce the… Read more »