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What am I talking about? It’s a tough one to describe, and potentially a tough one to code. (I’m happy to hear suggestions for what this could instead be called.) But it’s something I’ve seen a few times in various website designs, yet thus far have not found any one else online posting another way to do this. The issue could be that no one knows how to describe it, so it’s listed under all sorts of different titles across the “interwebs”. Who knows! Either way, let’s get into this thing. First things first, we need a picture to describe the issue, so here it is: This what the desired design outcome our good friends… Read more »

Warning: this is definitely a strong opinion piece. Okay, let’s just get this right out of the way. Over the past two plus years I’ve become increasingly frustrated and disappointed with Adobe Photoshop. Okay, if I’m really honest and remembering the past correctly I was never a big fan. I actually used Gimp when I first started building websites, being a big fan of open source software. However, even though Gimp was a good application, and really continued to get better, it was never a very good way to open PSDs. So eventually I caved and entered the Photoshop world so I could better open the files I received from clients and accurately reproduce the… Read more »